The Time Machine

A Journey Through Time


All aboard The Time Machine School Musical! Join the marvelously eccentric professor and his team of corporate travelers as they travel backwards and forwards through time, thanks to the ineptitude of one ‘Randall Ashcroft’.

There is much confusion and mayhem as the group enjoys a game of musical chairs with the Round Table Knights, performs a line dance with Julius Caesar and then accidentally ends up with Ned Kelly on board as a stowaway. They almost change the course of history as they find themselves on Amelia Earhart’s runway and Ned ‘bails up’ Neil Armstrong to find out where he obtained his ‘snazzy suit of armour’! The hilarious adventures continue throughout the musical, but a serious lesson is learned along the way about caring for our environment now, in order to protect the future.

This is the perfect musical for the whole school – with songs appealing to all age groups.

Running Time: 120+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 15

Songs: 11

Cast: 25+

Themes: History, Literature, Environment, Adventure

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The Time Machine – Song Samples

Journey Through Time (Time Travellers and/or Chorus)


Here Come the Dinosaurs (Dinosaur Chorus)


Hootenanny (Randall and Roman Chorus)


We Are The Knights (Knights, Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Time Travellers)


Bail Up (The Kelly Gang and Chorus)


NEW SONG! Flying Dreams (Professor and Chorus)


You Can Rock’n’Roll (Rock’n’Roll Chorus)


Over The Moon (Wendy and Professor)


You’ve Got A Friend (Man In The Moon and Chorus)


Take These Chains (TXT, MSN and Chorus)


The Time Machine (Full Cast & Chorus)


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