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Digby the Bear

Digby The Bear Junior Musical

Digby The Bear is the delightful new Junior Musical from RockED. The storyline is based on the popular children’s story Digby and Friends.

Young Tracey is excited when her favourite Uncle Digby comes to visit. Digby just happens to be a bear – a ‘Dancing Bear’ – complete with top hat and cane. Unfortunately Digby is pining for his old mates: Norman the Hare; Chugga the Train; Karoozy the Clown and Dumpy the –um– Egg.

In recognition of the lasting joy of friendships – young and old – Tracey and her friends set off to reunite Digby with his mates.

Digby The Bear is the perfect musical for your junior group. With nine charming songs and a simple, humorous script, Digby The Bear will enchant young children and warm the hearts of audience members everywhere.

Running Time: 60 mins (approx.)

Age: 4 – 8

Songs: 9

Cast: 11+

Themes: Friendship, Generational Equity, Tolerance, Diversity

Digby The Bear Musical Package Includes:

Script Masters, Lyric Sheet Masters, Vocal Demonstration MP3, Instrumental Performance MP3, Sheet Music, Sound Effects MP3, Digital Backdrops and Photocopying Rights

+ BONUS Read-Aloud Digby and Friends Storybook & 10 Great Color-In Graphics

A Great Color-In Graphic for Each Song!

Digby The Bear Musical Package is available as Digital Download (PDF & MP3)

Introductory Offer – Musical Package cost includes 12 Month Performing License

Digby The Bear Song Samples

The Dancing Bear


By The Beach




Green Frog


Raining Cats and Hounds


Nursery Rock




Under The Big Top


I See Red



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Our junior mini musical begins at the Stegosaurus BBQ. Rex and his mates turn up unexpectedly and try to scare Steggy and his friends. They almost succeed, until Rex accidentally finds pinned underneath a branch, with only his tiny arms to help him. He realizes that there are times when even a Tyrannosaurus needs the help of others. Rex is saved and all the dinosaurs learn a valuable lesson about friendship & co-operation.
This is the perfect mini musical for junior grades.

Cast: Rex, Terry Pterodactyl, Topsy Triceratops, Sally Stegosurus, Simon Stegosaurus, Brianna Brachiosaurus, Bert Brachiosaurus, Barbie Brontosaurus, Barney Brontosaurus


The Land That Time Forgot


You Got A Friend




Here Come The Dinosaurs


Suitable: P – 4

Curriculum Links: Friendship / Co-operation / Dinosaurs

©RockED School Musicals

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Seed becomes a tree, grub becomes a butterfly and tadpole becomes a frog; all exemplifying The Cycle of Life.

Cast: Trevor the Tree, Kenny Koala, Agnetha, the Butterfly, Barry Dung Beetle, Lucy Firefly, Fergus the Frog, Peter the Platypus, Kevin the Kangaroo, Simon the Snake


The Tree


Butterfly – Fly Free


Green Frog


The Cycle of Life


Suitable: P – 3

Curriculum Links: Science – Life Cycles

©RockED School Musicals

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