Treasure Island

Yo Ho!


The classic R.L. Stevenson story is set to music and transformed into a rollicking sea adventure, in this one of our most popular school musical productions.

Old Jim Hawkins narrates the tale of Long John Silver and his ‘scurvy sea dogs’ beginning with the choosing of the crew at the Admiral Benbow Inn, then continuing with their voyage on the Hispaniola to find Treasure Island. They eventually find the island, but initially they land on the ‘over developed’ side – complete with apartments, theme parks and fast food outlets.

Here they encounter the rapping ‘Flint-O-Matic’ (alias Captain Flint) who explains in his ‘Island Rap’ what has occurred. He send them over to the other side of the island, where nature is valued over progress (much to the dismay of crew members!).

Running Time: 90+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 13

Songs: 9

Cast: 10+

Themes: Environment, Literature, Persistence, Teamwork

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Treasure Island – Song Samples

Yo Ho! (Inn Customers / Chorus)


Ship of Fools (Long John Silver and Chorus)


Pumping Iron (Crew Members)


Mutiny (Crew Members and Chorus)


Ain’t Coming Back (Young Jim Hawkins or Soloist)


Island Rap (Captain Flint and Chorus)


Let’s Party (Benn Gunn and Chorus)


Black Sea Dog (Long John Silver and Chorus)


By The Beach (Full Cast and Chorus)


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