Planet X

Space Shuffle!

It’s time to head off with the Space Cowboys to Planet X in this great new elementary school musical.

While little Ernie Todd (E.T.) is dreaming of travelling into the vast realms of space, his heroes, the Space Cowboys – namely Colonel Buzz Lightning, Captain Laura Comet and Lieutenant Fly Hanson – are summoned by General Stargate at the World Space Center.

Their mission is to find the elusive Planet X. Just before take-off, they are surprised by a knock on their rocket ship door. It is none other than E.T. who has been sent out on a household errand and finds himself inexplicably aboard the rocket ship.

The crew soar through space, stopping briefly on the moon, then eventually arriving on Planet X. Here they encounter Captain Green and his Green Machine who are trying to perfect their ‘scarey alien’ act.

Planet X is a great fun musical. Take the whole school along for one hilarious journey into space.

Running Time: 60+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 13

Songs: 6

Cast: 15+

Themes: Space Travel, Teamwork, Leadership, Adventure

Planet X Song Samples

Space Shuffle (Space Cowboys and Chorus)


E.T.2U&Me ( Chorus)


The Dream Machine (E.T. and Chorus)


You Got A Friend (The Man In The Moon, Sally Moonbeam and Chorus)


Shoo Wup Bup (Cast and Chorus)


The Green Machine (Captain Green, Craig, Dennis, Barry and Chorus)


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