Christmas Musicals for Children

Three Great Children’s Christmas Musicals

Children's Christmas Musicals

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Has Anybody Seen Santa?

The Santa Christmas Musical for Children
has anybody seen santa - children's christmas musicals

Rock ‘n’ Roll Angels

The Nativity Christmas Musical for ChildrenChildren's Christmas Musicals- rock and roll angels

Christmas Time Rhyme

The Rhyming Christmas Play for ChildrenChildren's Christmas Musicals - Christmas Time Rhyme

RockED Children’s Christmas Plays include Script Copymasters

RockED Children’s Christmas Musicals include Script Copymasters, Lyric Copymasters, Vocal Demonstration MP3 and Instrumental Performance MP3
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Is a Christmas Musical in tune with your Public School?

This is a worrying time of the year for teachers. The Christmas Concert is no longer a simple fait accompli.
Suddenly there are many questions to consider:
    • Should we avoid alluding to the historical Christian nativity?
    • Will such references offend those families of other faiths?
    • Is such avoidance denying the cultural importance of Christianity in our society?
  • But if we include a Santa story instead, will this foster selfishness and consumerism?
When did Christmas become so complicated?
The answer lies in our intention.
Public Schools today are genuine cultural melting pots. They are great places where staff encourage tolerance and acceptance of difference. We see the wonderful celebration of diversity everywhere today in schools.
Wise schools have come to one simple realization: it is the intention that counts, not the content. To throw a little Buddhism into the mix – if we have ‘right intention’, then the result is honorable.
If ‘right intention’ is the creation of joy and happiness for all, then your Christmas concert is safe. Take time to look around during your next Christmas performance. Do you see smiling grandparents, excited children, relaxed parents and happy teachers? If so then the spirit of Christmas isn’t too far away!
So let’s not drill down on the content. What children and families will remember is the experience itself. So be brave – gift your students the joy of a Christmas musical this year!

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