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Perfect for concert items, in-class activities – or whenever a shorter musical is required

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Mini Musicals – Available Titles


Space Shuffle!

While little Ernie Todd (E.T.) is dreaming of travelling into the vast realms of space, his heroes, the Space Cowboys – namely Colonel Buzz Lightning, Captain Laura Comet and Lieutenant Fly Hanson – are summoned by General Stargate at the World Space Centre.

Their mission is to find the elusive Planet X. Just before take-off, they are surprised by a knock on their rocket ship door. It is none other than E.T. who has been sent out on a household errand and finds himself inexplicably aboard the rocket ship.

The crew soar through space, stopping briefly on the moon, then eventually arriving on Planet X. Here they encounter Captain Green and his Green Machine who are trying to perfect their ‘scarey alien’ act.

Planet X is a great fun musical. Take the whole school along for one hilarious journey into space.

Running Time: 60+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 13

Songs: 6

Cast: 15+

Themes: Space Travel, Teamwork, Leadership, Adventure

Planet X Song Samples

Space Shuffle (Space Cowboys and Chorus)

E.T.2U&Me ( Chorus)

The Dream Machine (E.T. and Chorus)

You Got A Friend (The Man In The Moon, Sally Moonbeam and Chorus)

Shoo Wup Bup (Cast and Chorus)

The Green Machine (Captain Green, Craig, Dennis, Barry and Chorus)

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Our junior mini musical begins at the Stegosaurus BBQ. Rex and his mates turn up unexpectedly and try to scare Steggy and his friends. They almost succeed, until Rex accidentally finds pinned underneath a branch, with only his tiny arms to help him. He realizes that there are times when even a Tyrannosaurus needs the help of others. Rex is saved and all the dinosaurs learn a valuable lesson about friendship & co-operation.
This is the perfect mini musical for junior grades.

Cast: Rex, Terry Pterodactyl, Topsy Triceratops, Sally Stegosurus, Simon Stegosaurus, Brianna Brachiosaurus, Bert Brachiosaurus, Barbie Brontosaurus, Barney Brontosaurus


The Land That Time Forgot

You Got A Friend


Here Come The Dinosaurs

Suitable: P – 4

Curriculum Links: Friendship / Co-operation / Dinosaurs

©RockED School Musicals

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Seed becomes a tree, grub becomes a butterfly and tadpole becomes a frog; all exemplifying The Cycle of Life.

Cast: Trevor the Tree, Kenny Koala, Agnetha, the Butterfly, Barry Dung Beetle, Lucy Firefly, Fergus the Frog, Peter the Platypus, Kevin the Kangaroo, Simon the Snake


The Tree

Butterfly – Fly Free

Green Frog

The Cycle of Life

Suitable: P – 3

Curriculum Links: Science – Life Cycles

©RockED School Musicals

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Christmas Mini-Musicals

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Christmas Time Rhyme

Christmas Time Rhyme is the answer to your last minute Christmas Concert panic! This cute rhyming Christmas play for children is so easy to perform. Simply allocate rhyming lines to children, add in a few traditional Christmas songs and your Christmas Concert is ready to go!

Cost: $9.90 Instant Digital Download

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Rock'n'Roll Angels

John Duff’s children’s Christmas musical, Rock’n’Roll Angels, includes a nativity play together with seven beautiful Christmas songs. Each song is brimming with the Christmas spirit and each is guaranteed to appeal to children of all ages.

Cost: $49.50 Instant Digital Download (includes Performing Rights)

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HAS ANYBODY SEEN SANTA?has anybody seen santa

Has Anybody Seen Santa? is a heartwarming, enchanting Christmas play, with plenty of humor and a great sense of fun. Seven delightful songs accompany each scene from the play.
This fun Christmas musical for children is suitable for all ages and can be presented with a minimum of fuss – a must during the busy end of year Christmas season!

Cost: $49.50 Instant Digital Download (includes Performing Rights)

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Other Mini Musicals

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A lighthearted look at how today’s media would handle the Big Bad Wolf ‘real estate scam’ involving the Three Little Pigs.

Cast: Mike Monaro, Darryl, Darryl & Darryl (three pigs), The Big Bad Wolf, Neil Seashell, Little Red Riding Hood, Bertha, Perry Black, Dirk Danger


I’m A T.V. Watcher

R.A.D.I Yi-Yi-Yi-Yoh!


Media Games

Suitable: 4 – 6

Curriculum Links: Media

©RockED School Musicals

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The classic R.L Stevenson story is now transformed into a rollicking good musical adventure. The crew eventually find Captain Flint who has learnt the value of qualities other than monetary treasure.

Cast: The Narrator, Long John Silver, Miserable Meg, Black Dog, Salty Sue, Billy Bones, Captain Smollett, Young Jim Hawkins, Ben Gunn, Captain Flint


Ship of Fools


Let’s Party

By the Beach

Suitable: P – 6

Curriculum Links: The Sea / Literature / Pirates

©RockED School Musicals

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Tracey has the chance to spend to spend the day with her favourite Uncle Digby, who happens to be a bear! Uncle Digby takes Tracey to see all his old mates, including Chugga the train and Croozy (the clown).

Cast: Tracey, Uncle Ron, Pat, Digby, Nick, Vesna, Tai, Chugga, Croozy


The Dancing Bear

By the Beach


Under the Big Top

Suitable: P – 3

Curriculum Links: Friendship

©RockED School Musicals

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This is the mini-musical version of our popular full length musical The Lonestar Cowboy. The story centers around the well meaning, but bumbling Sheriff Lonestar. He arrives in town and innocently picks up the ‘Wanted Sheriff’ poster.  The townsfolk enlist his help to defeat the Wild West bully – Black Bart and his ‘Mean Machine’. Lonestar is assisted by the lovable Mexican about town – Don Pedro. With the help of his newly found friends, Lonestar helps Black Bart to transform himself and his group into the
‘Clean Machine’. This hilarious mini-musical, is always entertaining, but it also has an important anti-bullying message.

Cast: Sheriff Lonestar, Tex – the Narrator, Don Pedro, Mary-Lou, Laurie Beth, Betty Sue, Black Bart, Ringo, Redeye, Jethro, Sarah-Lee.


Cowboy Life

The Mean Machine

Long Tall Texan

Life of A Cowboy

Suitable: P – 6

Curriculum Links: Anti Bullying Strategies, Friendship, Cooperation, The Wild West

©RockED School Musicals

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