Scareee Nights


Scareee Nights is the new spooky elementary school musical by John Duff.

It is a familiar story … two friends, Brian and Cheryl, find themselves lost and alone on a dark, stormy night. Their only place of refuge is a creepy old house on a hill.

They are invited inside by Bernard the Butler, where they encounter some odd, but rather familiar characters, including Dra’coola and FrankNstein. The gathering is lead by the ‘larger than life’, rather misunderstood, Dr Rock.

Despite their differences, the group have something to teach Brian and Cheryl about tolerance and acceptance of others.

Scareee Nights is a fun musical from RockED School Musical Productions, one with an important message about difference and empathy.

Running Time: 90+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 13

Songs: 10

Cast: 11+

Themes: Diversity, Tolerance, Empathy, Adventure

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Scareee Nights – Song Samples

The Dream Machine (Candy Girls)

The Haunted House (The Narrator and Chorus)

Scareee Nights (Brian, Cheryl and Chorus)

The Monster Shuffle (Wolfman, The Mummy, FrankNstein Dra’cool’a and Chorus)

Party Night (Bernard, Monsters and Chorus)

All I Wanna Do (Dr Rock, Bernard and Chorus)

Time To Make A Move (Brian, Cheryl and Bernard)

Castle In A Cloud (Dr Rock or Soloist)

Take These Chains (Dr Rock, Bernard, Monsters and Chorus)

You Got A Friend (Dr Rock, Bernard, Monsters and Chorus)


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