Has Anybody Seen Santa?

Christmas Musical

has anybody seen santaThe Santa Christmas Musical

In this, one of our most popular Christmas musicals for schools, those intrepid private eyes, Dan and Snoop, are on the hunt for Santa. Who has seen him? Could the bells be of any assistance? What about the Christmas trees? Surely the presents must have some idea of his whereabouts… Perhaps the participants in the Santa Expo could help – or will they just add to the confusion? This is a heartwarming, fun musical – suitable for all ages.

Running Time: 60 minutes

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Santa Ta Ta Ta (Chorus)


Ting-a-Ling-a-Jingle (The Bells)


I Wish It Could Be Christmas (The Trees)


Rockin’ Little Christmas (The Presents)


Santa’s Back In Town (The Santas)




It’s Christmas Time Again


Musical Package Includes:

  • Instrumental Performance CD/MP3
  • Vocal Demonstration CD/MP3
  • Sheet Music
  • Lyric Sheets
  • Script

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