Oh What A Knight!

Lancelot – Oh What A Knight is the modern Camelot elementary school musical. Catchy songs and a hilarious script make this is the perfect production for senior elementary students

Young Lance Cruickshank dreams each night of the mystical world of Camelot. Now, assisted by the uber cool Dr Dream, ‘Sir Lancelot’ finds himself in the midst of King Arthur’s court, together with the other knights of the round table.

After assisting Merlin’s efforts to obtain the sword Excalibur for King Arthur, Lance is then called upon to rescue Guinevere from the nasty Morgana and her crones.

Lance’s hilarious adventures form a wonderful escape for all – to a world where, with a little knowledge and self belief, new heroes are born.

Running Time: 120+ mins (approx.)

Age: 11 – 16

Songs: 12

Cast: 16+

Themes: Literature, Legends, Bullying, Achieving Goals

Lancelot – Song Samples

Sword Stuck In A Stone (Lancelot & Chorus)


Living and Loving In Camelot (Lancelot & Chorus)


We Are The Knights (Knights)


Merlin, Sorcerer (Dr Dream & Chorus)


Sword Stuck In A Stone (Lancelot & Chorus)


Excalibur (Chorus)


Morgana Le Fay (Morgana and Witches)


As My Heart Cries Out (Guinevere & Chorus)


Stop Right There! (Dr Dream & Chorus)


The Dream Machine (Chorus)


Hey There! Little Lady Dressed In Black (Lancelot & Morgana)


Rock Camelot (Morgana, Witches & Chorus)


Tenderness Of Our Dreams (Lancelot & Guinevere)


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