Under The Big Top

The Circus Is Back In Town

In this, one of our liveliest school musical productions, the big top comes to town! Everyone loves a circus – the high wire act, the trapeze artist, the jugglers and the strongman, they all combine to create the excitement and spectacle of life ‘Under the Big Top’.

But alas, look out for that villainous Big Boss Daddy who is determined to spoil all the fun.

Will the Ringmaster excuse Circus Boy from his chores long enough to save the day?

Will Draco – the strongman make sure ‘everybody is safety’?

This high energy musical is intermittently narrated by three circus rappers – the ‘Jaaaave Gypsies’. Great songs include the catchy ‘Juggler-A-Lobo’ and the hectic rock’n’roll number, ‘Run For Your Lives’.

This is a vibrant, blockbuster, one of our best school musicals, suitable for all ages.

Running Time: 120+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 13

Songs: 11

Cast: 21+

Themes: Circus, Cooperation, Teamwork, Persistence

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Song Samples

The Circus Came To Town (Full Cast)


Big Top Bop#1 (Jaaave Gypsies)


Big Boss Daddy (Big Boss Daddy, Clem and Chorus)


Peaches And Cream (Darryl and Sharon and Chorus)


Rooaaarrr! (Clowns and Circus Animal Chorus)


Jingle Jangle A’lobo!(Jugglers and Chorus)


Flying Girl (Circus Boy and Chorus)


Run For Your Lives (Draco and Chorus)


Under The Big Top (Full Cast)



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