The Lonestar Cowboy

Yee Hah!

Sheriff Lonestar V Black Bart (the bully of Dry Gulch County)

RockED Music introduces The LoneStar Cowboy – the elementary school musical with an anti-bullying theme.

This is the hilarious ‘Wild West’ story of Chester Smith. Chester is the unassuming visitor to Dry Gulch County, who is mistakenly appointed Sheriff – aka ‘Sheriff LoneStar’. His first duty is to overcome Black Bart and his ‘Mean Machine’ – the bullies of the town. They have been disturbing the good county folk with their incessant teasing and bullying. They even resort to using cyber bullying to turn the town against their Sheriff.

Mary-Lou and her two ‘bestest forever friends’, soon realize that Lonestar doesn’t stand a chance against the Bart Man. However, everyone’s amigo, Don Pedro decides to take a stand. He says ‘bullying – no way’, undertaking to no longer be a ‘bystander’.

With the assistance of the obliging cactus – Eduard0, Don Pedro helps Lonestar win the battle against the town bullies. These ‘Wild West’ antics are punctuated by lively performances by the entertaining ‘Mariachi Band’.

The LoneStar Cowboy is the perfect musical to showcase your students’ comedic talents, while simultaneously exploring the problem of school bullying and promoting anti-bullying strategies.

Running Time: 120+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 15

Songs: 13

Cast: 20+

Themes: Bullying, Friendship, Teamwork, Confidence

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Song Samples

Cowboy Life (Full Cast)

Life of A Cowboy (Chorus)

The Mariachis #1 ‘What A Hoot!’ (Mariachi Band)

Don’t Give Your Love To A Cowboy Man (Mary-Lou, Laurie-Beth, Betty-Sue and Chorus)

The Mean Machine (Black Bart, Ringo, Red Eye and Chorus)

Long Tall Texan (Lonestar and Chorus)

Why Me? (Lonestar and Optional Choir)

Fight Like A Man (Don Pedro and Chorus)

The Mariachis #2 ‘The Enchiladies’ (Mariachi Band)

Badman (Black Bart)

One Way (Lonestar and Townsfolk Chorus)

Wild Wild West (Lonestar, Mary-Lou and Chorus)

The Mariachis #3 ‘Happy County’ (Mariachi Band)

Cowboy Life (Full Cast)


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