Rock ‘n’ Roll Angels

Christmas Musical

Rock’N’Roll Angels

The Nativity Christmas Musical

rock and roll angels

John Duff’s Christmas musical Rock’n’Roll Angels exemplifies his ability to compose in different styles. Within this musical we find the magical ‘One Very Special Night’, the poignant ‘Mary and Joseph’, the magnificent ‘Alleluliah’, the rocking and rolling ‘Rockin’ Little Shepherds’ and the rap ‘Follow That Star’.

These classic songs, together with a gently humorous script (so easy to perform, with most parts prompted by the Narrator) make Rock’n’Roll Angels the perfect nativity musical for the Christmas season.

Running Time: 45 minutes

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The Narrator, Joseph, Mary, Barry (the busy innkeeper), Eric (the helpful innkeeper), The Message Angel, Kenny – The International Post Messenger, The Shepherds – Levi, Benjamin & Esau, The Three Wise Men – Balthasar, Melchior & Gaspar


One Very Special Night (Angel Chorus)


Mary and Joseph (Angel Chorus)


The Alleluiah (Angel Chorus)


The Rockin’ Little Shepherds (Shepherds and Chorus)


Follow That Star (Three Wise Men and Chorus)


The GREAT Alleluliah (Cast and Chorus)


It’s Christmas Time Again (Cast and Chorus)


Musical Package Includes:

  • Instrumental Performance CD/MP3
  • Vocal Demonstration CD/MP3
  • Sheet Music
  • Piano Score
  • Lyric Sheet Masters
  • Script Masters
  • Bonus Activities include dance routines, instrumental harmonies and percussion parts.

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