What A Ball!

John Duff’s Cinderella School Musical has been one of the most popular elementary school musicals since it was first written in 1982. Now, some 30 years later, it has been revamped with additional characters, a sparkling, longer script and two brand new songs.

The cool Fairy Godmother is a gem of a part for any extrovert and the ‘ugly ones’ (the step sisters and step mother) provide a hilarious contrast to the sweet Cinderella.

In a modern twist, the Prince and Oscar call upon Private Eye to assist them in their efforts to find the owner of the elusive glass slipper. Cinderella has withstood the test of time and is still pure entertainment for any age group.

Running Time: 90+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 13

Songs: 13

Cast: 16+

Themes: Fairytales, Bullying, Persistence, Self Esteem

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Cinderella – What A Ball! – Song Samples

Cinderella (Prince, Cinderella and Chorus)

A Cinderella Story (Chorus)

The Prince’s Ball (Natasha, Esmerelda and Chorus)

Fairy Godmother #1 (Fairy Godmother)

Cinderella Blues (Fairy Godmother and Mice Chorus)

New Glass Shoes (Cinderella and Chorus)

Let’s Dance (Full Chorus)

Cinderella (Prince, Cinderella and Chorus)

Fairy Godmother #2 (Fairy Godmother)

Has Anybody Seen My Girl? (Private-Eye, Prince, Oscar and Chorus)

Knight In Shining Armour (Cinderella and Chorus)

Fairy Godmother #3 (Fairy Godmother)

It Is My Prince (Cinderella and Chorus)

Hands Of Time (Full Chorus)

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