Quest – A New Hero In Fantasyland

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quest a new hero in fantasyland


In this, one of our best school musical productions for the whole school, Brandon T. Mann (“the T stands for The”) is the ultimate cool, contemporary hero, who is shadowed and adored by his companion, brandon l. (“little”) mann. Once upon a time, the Magic Mirror gives him an urgent message. Brandon must save Fantasyland.

The evil Orica, assisted by her rapping accomplice, Groova, has threatened to destroy all of the best loved fairytale characters, including Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Blind Mice, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The Brandons’ Quest is to collect certain coloured objects from various fairytales to form a rainbow, which will save Fantasyland.

Fun and games follow as the fairytale creatures are astounded to encounter the Brandons as they burst into their Fairytale lives.

Can the Brandons complete the Quest?

Or does Orica destroy the fun of childhood forever?

Quest is a whimsical musical full of fun and humour.

Its blend of memorable fairytale folk, appealing heroes and catchy modern songs, makes it the perfect musical for all ages.

Running Time: 120+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 13

Songs: 15

Cast: 30+

Themes: Fairytales, Collaboration, Persistence, Achieving Goals

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Enjoy a few highlights from our most popular school musical Quest – A New Hero In Fantasyland:

Watch the story of Quest- A New Hero In Fantasyland – as narrated by the composer, John Duff:

Quest – Song Samples

Da Da Da-Da Da Dum (Chorus)


The Color Song (Brandon, brandon, and Chorus)


The Dancing Bear (Chorus)


It Wasn’t Me (Goldilox, The Three Bears)


The Realtors (Chorus)


The Three Little Pigs (Chorus)


The Beanstalk Walk (Jack, Giant Geoff, Chorus)


F.A.N.T.C. (Groova’ and The Rappers)


Big Bad Orica (Orica and Chorus)


Run, Run, Run (Three Blind Mice, Chorus)


Snow White (Snow White and Mirror)


Merry-Go-Round (Chorus)


Li’l Red (G.T Cash and Chorus)


Cheerleader Mix (Fantasyland Chorus)

Fantasy World (Full Cast)


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