At RockED Music, we are committed to creating and providing​ entertaining and user friendly musicals and classroom music programs for schools and theatre groups across the globe. Our trademark catchy songs are loved by students and teachers alike.

RockED Music began in Australia in response to a lack of fun musicals and resources for specialists and non-specialists. Currently RockED is a thriving music program enjoyed across the USA, Canada, UK, and the rest of the world.

Initially created in 1989 by experienced music teachers/consultants Alison Dodds and John Duff, this program supports music in schools and has grown over the years to include both best selling music teaching materials, including school musicals, and the very popular RockED school musical incursions for elementary schools. These incursions have been featured in The Age (read here) and are support programs for the production of school musicals. They include A Musical In A Day and A Musical In A Month.

RockED’s music teaching materials include: the iconic ‘Rock Recorder’ program, full of catchy recorder songs; the innovative ‘Great Composers’, containing recorder songs adapted from the classics; the unique ‘Rock Marimba’ and the secondary music text ‘mimusic book’ (visit www.mimusicbook.com). The unique feature of all publications is the inclusion of modern backtracks mp3s to accompany musicals, classroom music lessons or concert performances. The motivating power of these rocking backtracks is the secret to the success of these programs.

In addition, RockED School Musicals have been enjoyed by schools and theatre groups performing kids’ musicals for over 30 years. It is a testament to the creativity of John Duff that the RockED school musical list has grown during this time to now number over 25 in total. The latest addition to the RockED Music catalogue, is the brand new school musical Lancelot – Oh What A Knight! – a modern Camelot Musical. Popular school musicals include: Quest, The Time Machine, Robin of Sherwood, Under The Big Top and the latest anti-bullying musical The Lonestar Cowboy. All school musicals are now available as eMusicals – perfect for schools in the US, Canada, Australia and all around the world.

Supporting and enhancing these school musicals are the ‘in school’ programs for local elementary schools: A Musical In A Day and A Musical In A Month. Following sold out seasons with Arts Victoria’s Arts2Go program, these programs, which offer the composer’s own live music to enhance schools’ musicals, acting and musical direction, together with full choreography and dance tuition, are now repeatedly booked out during peak times each year. With such a varied list of school musicals to choose from,  elementary schools utilizing these incursions are sure to find a musical to suit their needs.

What Others Are Saying About RockED…

“We thoroughly enjoyed the A Musical In A Day performance. It was such a well organized, fun and entertaining day that left the children, and teachers, in stitches. Many thanks!”
St. Jude’s Elementary School

“The performance was fabulous – an all-day high level participation ‘event’. All the teachers thought it was great – and fun! Alison and John did the ‘hard’ work and made it easy. Thank you!”
Northcote Elementary School

“We actually used this [A Musical In A Day] for our end of year concert and it was a great success. Thanks heaps!”
Badger Creek Elementary School

“Absolutely brilliant program – kids totally engaged – very exciting!”
Buninyong Elementary School

“This was an unbelievable experience for our students, staff and parents. In a single day, each one of our students was transformed in to a star performer. We can’t wait to do it again next year!”
St Joachim’s Elementary School