RockED Music offers elementary music teachers easy to use musical materials – including productions containing catchy songs and humorous scripts.

At RockED Music, we are committed to creating and providing​ entertaining and user friendly musicals and classroom music programs for schools and theatre groups across the globe. Our trademark catchy songs are loved by students and teachers alike.

RockED Music began in response to a lack of fun, affordable and easy to produce musicals and resources for elementary schools. Currently RockED is a thriving music program enjoyed in many countries, including the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Initially created in 1989 by experienced music teachers/consultants Alison Dodds and John Duff, this program supports music in schools and has grown over the years to include both best selling music teaching materials, and elementary school musicals.

RockED’s music teaching materials include: the iconic ‘Rock Recorder’ program, full of catchy songs for descant recorder; the innovative ‘Great Composers’, containing songs adapted from the classics then simplified for classroom use; and the unique ‘Rock Marimba’. The unique feature of all publications is the inclusion of modern backtracks mp3s to accompany musicals, classroom music lessons or concert performances. The motivating power of these rocking backtracks is the secret to the success of these programs.

RockED School Musicals have been enjoyed by schools and children’ theatre companies performing kids’ musicals for over 30 years. It is a testament to the creativity of John Duff that the RockED school musical list has grown during this time to now number over 25 in total. The latest addition to the RockED Music catalog, is the brand new school musical Lancelot – Oh What A Knight! – a modern Camelot Musical. Our popular school musicals include: Quest, Cinderella, Under The Big Top and the latest anti-bullying musical The Lonestar Cowboy. All school musicals are now available as Instant Digital Downloads – perfect for schools in the US, Canada, Australia and all around the world.