Robin of Sherwood

Let’s Swing About The Forest

In this, one of our most popular school musical productions, Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men wage their infamous battle against the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham and his ‘helpful’ off sider, Igor. After forming his band, including ‘Little John’ and the rapping Friar Tuck, Robin organises the details of his intended ambush at the Sherwood Forest BBQ.

After some initial reluctance from Maid Marion and her Ladies In Waiting, Robin and his Merry Men head off, determined to defeat the Sheriff and win the admiration of King Richard.

Robin of Sherwood is a perennial favourite amongst Australian and New Zealand schools – indeed one of our most popular school musical productions. The longevity of this musical is testament to its amusing script and a song list full of appealing, catchy performance items.

Running Time: 90+ mins (approx.)

Age: 5 – 15

Songs: 11

Cast: 19+

Themes: Leadership, Teamwork, Bullying, Folklore

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Robin of Sherwood Gallery

Robin of Sherwood School Musical – Song Samples

Rise Up Englanders (Robin and Village Chorus)

That Bravee Knight (The Minstrels)

Hey Hey We’re The Monkees (Friar Tuck and Monk Chorus)

Hey There Little Maid Marion (Robin and Merry Men)

A Band of Men (The Minstrels)

Rockin’ Robin Hood (Chorus)

Stop! (Marion, Sheena, Nadwig and Chorus)

The Meanest Man (The Minstrels)

All Men To Arms (Herne The Hunter and Chorus)

He’s So Mean (Sheriff, Igor and Chorus)

One of Those Sherwood Nights (Full Cast)

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